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My Some Film Projects .

I, Amitava Bhattacharya Started Film making from 1980 (40 years ago), have made films for many famous Indian and Multinational companies, Public Sector Enterprises, Government Departments and NGO’s. Till date I have made 852 films, a few among them are listed below :

Don't Waste The Waste

This film was made in the month of September,2009 the idea was to show the waste management process by AKC Developer limited in their top of the line plant at Gwalior city. The project is a BOOT project and has been awarded to ACK Developer for 25 years. The project is an excellent example of the waste management wherein Refused Derived Fuel – Composed Fertilized and many more products are being produced. All these are being shown in the film, it was a experience by itself to produce the film within given time.

The Royal Odyssey a Film on Palace On Wheels

I made this film in the year 1996 as this was a challenge to film with a small crew of 2 persons with the paid passenger’s where-in many time the passenger will object for taking shots. Also the interior of the train is full of glass objects and avoiding our own reflection was very difficult. The train at times very fast & swings the outdoor shots of the train was taken very quickly.

DABUR Pharma Bringing Life to Life

Dabur film was a challenge for me as I had no experience for doing a promotional film for a medical company that too film for International audience, However I took the challenge and started working on the script with my creative team. The client brief was very nice and their people were involve as the launch date was coming close for market in UK.

The shooting for this film was also very difficult as in the medicine manufacture unit one have to be very careful about lots of safety. I therefore will remember this film throughout my lifetime.

A Film On Management Development Institute

Management Development Institute Situated in Gurgoan in Delhi NCR is one of the country’s top B-School. To make a film for the purpose of a promotional material in the Admission Prospectus. I planned the film from the name Gurgoan which came from the word GURUGRAM which has existed from the time of Mahabharata, from there the film rolls to the present day scenario. The film has many sound bites of the director as well as HOD of the departments. The film end with sound bites of the companies representative who plans to hire the student’s from MDI.

Haryana IT

I made this film in the year 2008 for Haryana Government IT department the film was used in a conference and copies were distributed for the purpose of promotion. The film was also shown in many National and International forums in their presentations, the film became a very good tool for the officials of the Haryana Government.

Haryana Power Utlities

This film was done in 2008 for showing in one of the conference of CII apart from this has been used in many national & International forum. Some part of the film is also been used in Haryana Government achievement film.

Nation's Copper Producer - a film on Hindustan Copper Limited

The Film on Nation’s Copper Producer was made by me in the year 1992 – on the occasion of Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Company.

The film was shown on the Silver jubilee celebration day at one of their copper complex at Khetri in the State of Rajasthan, the film screening was attended by many Important person’s including the then Prime minister Of India MR. Narsimma Roa. In the year 1995 the film bags an award given by Public Sector Organisation under Standing Committee of Public Enterprises (SCOPE).

Ekal VIDYALAYA (A Single Teacher School)

Ekal Vidalaya is a single teacher school managed by Vishwa Hindu Parisad. Presently the school exists in the state of Jharkhand/Bihar/uttarpardesh/Westbengal/Kerla etc The presence of school in every village which is not even connected by road specially in the tribal area. To reach a school in the state of Jharkhand we had to walk around 15 KM in hilly train to reach the school.

Silver Jubilee Film for Printers Association of India

A movie I made in which the client provided only 300 still photographs and 2 VHS videos of award ceremonies. However finally the film was very much liked by the management. The film was shown at the Silver Jubilee Function also.

The Spirit of Enterprises - NOIDA Toll Bridge company Limited

The NOIDA Toll Bridge company, which has many feathers on their cap, wanted a film that would show all of them one by one keeping the flow till the end. The shooting was quite long because of the construction process involved. Jimmy-jip and cranes were used in the film, though the client wanted to use a helicopter for the road shots, permission to fly over which was not granted as it was coming on the descending route for the aircraft for landing in Delhi.

A Film on Pushpak Battery operated Tri Cycle & Bi-Cycle

I made this film in 2006 for the purpose of launching in an Auto show and only eight days were given to complete the entire film from concept / script / shooting / post production followed by approval from the client. The film was in successfully completed in the time frame, including client’s approval.

Protecting Garment of Nature (KOTA -Rajasthan DCM Sriram Factory

This film was made in September-2008 and shows how a huge group of DCM Sriram Factories at a site situated in Kota (Rajasthan), which is part of the Thar desert where the soil is very hard and rocky and growing trees was very difficult. The film shows how a green belt was created in the area and how birds and animals migrated to the green lands.

Hindustan Zinc Limited - Rampura - Agucha An Eco Friendly Mine

This film was made in the year 2006 for the purpose to show the Ministry Of Environment, Government of India and the Rajasthan Pollution Board to obtain clearances. The Client was very happy with the film and have already showing in many conferences, presentation etc

Diesel Component Works Patiala

This film was made for Diesel Loco Modernisation Works Patiala, in association RITES Limited Delhi the idea of the film was to set-up this kind of workshop in the third world countries. Order was acquired from Ghanna Railways, Srilankan Railway & Bangladesh Railway, some of works were also received from Malaysian Railway too. The D.M.W has extensively used the film in many Exhibitions, seminars & presentations.


I came across this client in the year 1999 and made their corporate film the client came back again in the year 2008 to do a new film. This film was then designed and successfully made, the client is very happy and using the film specially by their marketing teams also the film can be seen on their web site.

International Road Dynamics - Toll Management System

The Film on International Road Dynamics – Toll Management System was shot in the finical capital of India -Mumbai and national capital Delhi. The shooting of the film was very interesting as there was multiple movement in ever shots taken, however some difficulties were also faced as at some point we created the traffic-jam for which many people showed anger. The shooting required film crane or Jimmy-Jip and we could not use due to low budget from Client.

Viswa Hindu Parisad - North East Marches Ahead

Viswa Hindu Parisad – North East Marches Ahead was done in the year 2001 – the film too almost 62 days to finish from Shooting to the final product, while shooting my complete crew had to travel through – out the North east by road. The idea of doing this film by VHP is to collect donations from NRI’s living in USA, UK etc and VHP was very successful in the mission.